Once upon a time

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Once upon a time… I had black hair.

It was at this age, at 19 years old to the date 24th June, I moved to Byron Bay for the sole purpose of putting 18 ballet students through their ballet exam. It was 2000 and that’s the year Dance Dynamics Byron Bay was born.

The first 6 months of living in Byron Bay and owning a business was exciting and new. However at 19 years old, living by myself, dealing with a load of responsibility of running a business became overwhelming. I developed anxiety, which grew into panic disorder and then a depression. I refused to get help and kept plodding along like everything was all right but on the inside I was crumbling. I would then isolate myself even more thinking I had to do the Byron thing and “work on myself.”

One night I had 6 panic attacks during the night. I got so skinny with stress that I weighed 54kgs, and I am very tall.

Those times were tough. I got through them, but they were tough. I ended up getting help and learnt lots about myself and about what I need and don’t need in life. I take my hat off to anyone that has waded through mental illness… let alone run a business while dealing with mental illness.

Dance Dynamics Byron Bay has grown not only from the strengths and skills of a team of people, but from our stories, from our wounds. The humility, depth and artistry that come from experience are what we bring to the table. It is part of who we are as people. No hiding. No shame. This is what makes in-tune, passionate teachers and us sharp, as well as our qualifications.

Life is full of challenges. However, for me, nothing has been as deeply challenging as this year of my life when I was 19 years old.  I had to make a decision to choose life, move forward and be proactive in helping myself to get better. I became passionate about personal development and wanted to learn everything I could about the mind. I became a qualified NLP neuro semantics practitioner and Demartini facilitator. I wanted to learn from this experience so I could not just survive in life but thrive as a person. This experience set me up for being able to deal with the many challenges a business brings. This, and my dad – my rational, grounded and experienced father with my dedicated and passionate mother.

And dance… dance is a beautiful thing. Communication through the silent movement of the body is a masterful and artistic form. Dance is a healer. It allows your body to express what words often cannot.

Love Kate x

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