Hiring the Right People

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We’ve just undergone the biggest staff turnover in 21 years of operation. Five wonderful team members are leaving. Three of them are starting a family, another casual took a full time position in a different field of employment and then my amazing manager who has grown his side business to the point where it can now be his full time job.

Hiring staff can be a fun experience when there is no time pressure (and certainly not five in one go). All has fallen into place and our new team members are feeling part of the family already.

Here’s what I look for when hiring;

1.Ensure the applicants skills are a match for the role – if they need further developing ensure they have the right positive attitude to do so and can do so quickly

2.More importantly than ability is attitude. For me attitude includes the following; an honest and clear communicator, humble, passionate, wants to be part of a team and can follow instructions and policy, givers, engaging and positive.

3.The role has to be in alignment with their long term goals and purpose (otherwise you invite a lack of productivity and the business will suffer)

4.Organized and prepared – this in itself shows that they value the role. People who love their work will always be organized in it

How can you tell in an interview if the applicant has these attributes? You are testing to ensure they have the right knowledge, skills and attitude.

1.You’re questions need to be aimed at finding the applicants values.  Ask them directly “what are your long term goals?” “What makes you good at this role?” “If you didn’t have to work, what would you want to do?” “What would you bring to the team?” “What are your greatest strengths?” “What are your biggest weaknesses?”

2.Look out for body language. Are they sitting comfortably? Do they seize up when certain questions are asked? You can tell if someone is telling you what you think you want to hear as the body will indicate through awkwardness and yes, this also can be just nerves.

Remember, people can overstate their claims to the job so checks with previous employers can help you with your deliberations.

Hope this helps!

Good luck ?