Kate Histon

Make your Talent your Success


With a deep understanding of the human heart and mind, Kate is a passionate consultant and facilitator to creatives in business. She is passionate about enhancing leadership, communication, and performance. Working at both the individual and group level, Kate is an expert at assisting her clients maximize potential.


Kate’s extensive background in training as a ballet dancer gave her the foundations for dedication. (See Kates full dance bio here) Kate passionately utilised her years of regimented ballet and dance training and became a qualified ballet teacher through the Royal Academy of Dance. At Nineteen years old she moved to Byron Bay Australia and opened her own ballet/dance school Byron Dance Dynamics of which over twenty years later she successfully still owns. As such, she is uniquely placed to appreciate the demands of both the creative life and the business world. Kate’s extensive experience as a business owner from such a young age, integrated with her commitment to helping performers and creatives make the most of their talents and opportunities has been sort after by dance industry professionals and aspiring performers.


Kate is a certified cognitive behaviour facilitator of the Demartini Method and an NLP Neuro Semantics practitioner.  This enables Kate to help people change the way they think so they are able to conquer their fears, reassess their strengths, apply strategy and push themselves to greater heights.


Kate’s experience in the field is well recognised. She has worked throughout Australia and New Zealand as a senior facilitator with the Demartini Institute, Global One Training and Pushworth Entertainment Agency and her work on Communication Excellence has been incorporated into the curriculum at the Bristol College Massachusetts USA.


When Kate works with her client, her goals are simple: To help that person learn how to merge creative expression with business acumen and to teach them how to challenge self-limiting thoughts and behaviours and replace them with strength and confidence.

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